Featuring halter necks, high-cut legs, and adjustable, low-coverage backs, these swimsuits aim to evoke elegance, confidence, and allure. Transition seamlessly from beach to evening with a pareo. Crafted from Colombian lycra and intricately hand-beaded by single moms.


Passionate and creative, Paula believes fashion is less about what you wear and more about how it makes you feel.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Paula’s family immigrated from Colombia and built everything from the ground up. “We were raised to appreciate every dollar and make the most of everything we had. I loved fashion since I was a little girl. Together with my mom, we recreated garments by hand, recycling materials and styles, which inspired my journey.”

For more than two decades, Paula has worked in the fashion industry, first working with international designers and then starting her own brand, Paul Callejas Group.